2 thoughts on “Quilting and Your Health

  1. Hi Karen, I love what you are doing, we all need constant reminders about our health. I am a Registered Nurse, but my real love in nursing is the psychosocial aspect of health. In my quilting adventures, I have helped many quilters with depression and anxiety, or maybe a better way to put it is, I have helped them help themselves through learning to quilt and socialize with other quilters and in the process they have overcome their depression and anxiety. I have always wished that I could do something a little more formally. Thank you for doing what you are doing.

    • Thank you sooo much for your support! I have already received a comment from a quilter who says she did not have the slightest interest in health or programs, and that she thought my having posted links to my information did not fit with the ‘quilting’ intention of the quilting site where I posted it. Then I received your nice comments, so I have renewed faith that there may be some quilters out there who will respond favorably. A friend in my quilting mini group died of colon cancer several years ago, and I do not think she would have had to die – she has become my inspiration to do this. Thank you so much, again! I will add your name to my list of resources, if you do not mind!

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