View the Energy in Food

This is provided, courtesy of, exerpted from an article written by Yuri Elkaim:

The life force (ak. energy or aura) emanating from various foods. These special photographs known as Kirlian photographs are courtesy of a my friend (and Kirlian specialist), Christopher Wodtke.

First, have a look at the picture on the left. It’s a kirlian photograph of organic broccoli that has been steamed for just 2 minutes. Notice the energy coming from it.

Now, look at the image of broccoli on the right. It too is organic but the only difference is that it hasn’t been cooked. It is raw.

Notice a difference? Of course you do.

The raw broccoli (on the rigt) has far more “life force” than its cooked counterpart (left).

Cooking foods above 118 degrees fahrenheit degrades their inherent life force. Heating foods denatures their proteins and ezymes and makes your body work harder to digest them, which, as a result further drains your body’s energy reserves!

Let’s Look at Another Example of Energy Foods…

Here’s a Kirlian photograph of a few French fries (aka. cancer sticks). Notice its lack of luster. It’s not really giving off much energy is it?

energy food

Compare to that to a naturally occurring superfood – cacao (the active ingredient in chocolate).

Quite different, wouldn’t you agree?

energy foods cacao

Seeing is believing and that’s I wanted to show you these incredible images. If only we could see this life force – the real energy of food – when going through the aisles of our local grocery store we’d all by making healthier food choices and enjoying more energy and better health.

These photos are Amazing!   It looks like raw veggies are the Way to Go!


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