Here’s a thread tip I learned from Sharon Schamber, Quilter Extraordinaire ( ):
When you buy a new spool of thread, drop it in a bowl of mineral oil for several minutes and then remove.  She told me that thread has a shelf life of about two years.  With the mineral oil treatment, it will last forever.  An additional bonus is that the mineral oil will also help lubricate your machine as it passes through it.   Another way is to add a few drops of the mineral oil to your spool of thread before you are going to use it – just move it around the thread with your finger – and that will do the same thing.   It also helps the thread pass through the machine.


Would you like to have softer skin?  Try taking a bath in baking soda – fill up your tub with your preferred temperature water,  add baking soda (I have never measured, but 1/2 to 1 cup should do it ) to the bath water, climb in, and soak yourself.  Ummmmm – sooooft !!!

(My nine-year-old granddaughter, Lily, decided she would ‘decorate’ a plastic bathing suit form, and glued on pieces of fabric, then drew a few embellishments – I think it’s pretty cute!  lol)


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