Pipe cleaners and Pesto



A little tip for cleaning the hidden areas of your sewing machine, is to use a pipe cleaner to get into all those areas, like the bobbin area, where the dust tufts seem to like to collect.   You can get a whole pack of pipe cleaners at the craft store, keep a couple for yourself, and give the rest to friends!

For those of you who asked about Darlene’s baby quilt and how she did the quilting on the fur, I will be seeing her today so I will give you the scoop later, under the ‘Baby Quilt Continued’ link at the top of the page.





A quick meal I make when I do not want to cook (which is most of the time, lol) is to boil some spaghetti noodles, and when they are done, add a couple spoonfuls of Pesto that comes in a jar, and toss  – the heat of the noodles heats the pesto.  Sometimes I add a handful of walnuts, which makes it especially good and healthy.   Thin spaghetti seems to work best – and I have recently moved to a more healthy version by using a whole wheat blend noodle – Ronzoni is the brand I have, but any brand will do.    You could add a little extra virgin olive oil, I suppose, but usually the pesto is oily enough.   Tasty, and QUICK!  I keep the jar of pesto in my refrigerator for the next time I want to use it.


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