Glue and a Dry Brush

I should start off today by telling you that I live in California (am originally from Minnesota) and even though I am an early riser, my morning begins later than most of the rest of the world.    Anyway – Good Morning!

Today I have a quilting tip about glue.  There is a very nice product out there that comes in a small glue bottle and is a ‘glue for quilters’ – it is very handy for squeezing thin lines of glue along the applique edges you are folding under before doing machine applique, for a temporary hold of an applique piece onto a background, and so on.

I have been told by my reliable source, that the glue inside that special glue for quilters  is the same glue as Elmer’s School Glue – which is safe, nontoxic, and washable, and actually not really a glue but a starch.    Elmer’s School Glue is a less expensive product, for twice as much glue.   The only problem is the tip for getting that very fine line of glue.   You can purchase tips for your glue bottle, in various places.  I am listing a few tip sources below.  You can also try making a tip from scotch tape.

Sharon Schamber on her website sells tips for the glue bottles, but you can also find them other places:

The skin is the largest elimination organ in the body.   One of the ways to care for your skin and your body is by dry skin brushing.  It takes about 5 minutes, before you jump in the shower.  Use a natural bristle brush with a long handle or a loofah and brush all over your body

Dry skin brushing actually is a detoxification process for your body, as it eliminates dead skin cells which helps new skin to regenerate, it stimulates blood circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system which cleanses our bodies of toxins, and the massaging effect of the brush helps to diminish cellulite.  It also encourages weight loss, and improves body tone and skin radiance.   And it’s Free!

Here is a Youtube video demonstrating dry brushing.  Wish I looked like that!  lol

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