Fairy Quilt Godmother

One of the quilt sites I frequent is Paper Panache, which is described by owner, Linda Worland, as …”the home of unique paper-piecing blocks, borders, and quilt top patterns sold almost exclusively online”.    About five times a year Linda publishes a ‘Mystery’ pattern with color suggestions, but no picture of what it should look like at the end – that is the ‘mystery’ part. The paper pieced mystery pattern is free, and when you have finished it, you can send her a pic of your block and she will show it on her site.

Her current mystery is Fairy Quilt Godmother.  For this mystery block, she has provided a quiz to take, to find out the name of your own personal Fairy Quilt Godmother.  Then you are given your godmother’s name, and a special pattern for the portrait of your godmother is created and the link is emailed to you and you can save/copy the pattern.    She has some completed blocks already posted on her site.

My Fairy Quilt Godmother’s name is “FatQluria”.    I am about halfway through with making my block, and will post a pic here when it is finished.   If you are new to paper piecing, I say go ahead, take the quiz, get your Fairy Quilt Godmother’s name and portrait pattern so you have it, and make it some other time when you feel more comfortable with paper piecing.  This is just too cute to pass up!   Here is Linda’s website:


Get it while you can!

The other day I ran out of dog treats so I gave each of my little dogs an almond.   They loved it, and begged for more!   Even the dog next door liked it, when I passed one to him through the fence.   Probably healthier than some of the dog treats in the stores!


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