Introducing FatQluria and Mustard, please

This is my Fairy Quilt Godmother, FatQluria from the Paper Panache mystery block challenge.

I will probably add some embellishments to her, but this is the basic finished block.  (I ran out of skin color, halfway through, so used a substitute, aargh!  I was too impatient to wait to find some more of what I started with, but she is My fairy quilt godmother so she can be just the way she is – but I may make another one in a day or two, with a different skin color, lol.)

I have never done paper piecing before with such small pieces, and I was surprised at how easily even the smallest piece went into place.  She isn’t Perfect, but then – who Is?  This was Great fun!

Again – you can get your own Fairy Quilt Godmother by going to




If you are going to be partying this 4th of July holiday and can’t decide what to put on your hotdog – mustard?  ketchup?  – choose mustard – the turmeric in the mustard (and curries) is what gives the yellow color – and turmeric has many wonderful benefits – it is an anti-inflammatory, and thus a natural treatment for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, it has cancer-fighting and tumor-reducing properties, and has long been used in Chinese medicine as a treatment for depression.   So – please pass the Mustard!


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