Sacred Threads and Teeccino

This morning I had intended to show pics of my first ‘dyed fabric’ project, but instead am going to give you a link to the Sacred Threads quilt exhibit in Herndon, VA.  The exhibit itself has ended, but on their website, you can view some of the quilts and order a CD of the show.   Thanks to Luana Rubin of for sponsoring and sharing this wonderful collection.

Sacred Threads features quilts that are about Joy, Inspiration, Spirituality, Healing, Grief, Brotherhood and Peace.  It is a juried show, and the 160 pieces ranged from traditional patchwork to experimental art, realistic to abstract.  A quilter named Vikki Pignatelli is the founder of the Sacred Threads project.   The strong emotional connection between each quilt and its creator is evident, when viewing the quilts.

An accompanying exhibit to this year’s Sacred Threads show was Beyond the Barrier, a display of quilts by female inmates of the Ohio Reformatory for Women, most of whom had never before made a quilt.  Each quilt is accompanied by a brief story by each quilter of the inspiration behind her quilt.  Here are the links to both exhibits.




I have just been introduced to Teeccino (tee CHEE no) a coffee substitute that comes in ‘ten delicious flavors’.  I read about it online, and happened to spot it in my local health food store.  I bought a sampler box and shared some with my daughter, who Loves it!  It is roasted and ground to brew and taste just like coffee, and it Does!   It also has a natural energy boost, and is safe for kids!  What more could you ask for!

Ten delicious flavors - a healthy alternative to coffee

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