Hand-dyed Flowers and an Apple

Getting back to the hand-dyed fabric done by my mini group.  We decided we needed a group project to go with our hand dyes, so we decided to make a small wall hanging to donate to our quilt guild’s show auction.

We each made a flower block using our dyed fabric and whatever pattern we each wanted to use for a flower.  A couple of us used patterns from Eleanor Burns’ book Grandmother’s Garden Quilt; another created her own pattern, and others used patterns from Kumiko Sudo ‘s folded flower patterns.

Midway through, Linda Fraterman in our group came down with colon cancer, so we decided we would surprise her with the quilt, instead.   Linda did not survive her disease.  After she passed away, the rest of us decided we each wanted a quilt like Linda’s, to remember her, so we each made six blocks of our flower and traded them.  We each made an extra block for an auction quilt and donated that for our guild auction in Linda’s memory.

This is my wall hanging.  Each of us chose different border colors.  I accidentally put my friend, Sue’s block, upside down.  Left it that way.  (Can you guess which one it is?)  And some of my sides are a little wonky.  Sometimes the meaning of a quilt is more important than the straightness of a seam.    Years ago my mask-making teacher, Martha Ferrara, at California Institute of the Arts,  told me that the value in handmade work lies in the imperfections.   You can get ‘perfect’ from a machine.   I have embraced that!   My flower block is the sweet pea, top right.

A quick way to get rid of that temporary heartburn or acid reflux that comes out of nowhere, is to eat an apple.   Easy.  It works.


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