Fractured House and Tomaquet

If you are looking for a group quilting project, here is one you might really enjoy.

A number of years ago, my quilt teacher, Sue Handley, along with one of her students, Evelyn Hatch, came up with this idea for a class project.  Evelyn wanted to make a quilt of her daughter’s house.  They started with a pic of the house, enlarged it to the size they wanted, using an overhead projector, and copied it at a local print shop.   Then the fun began.  They cut the pattern into 11 vertical sections, and gave one section to each woman in the group, who would then make that part of the quilt. (There were no suggestions given as to what fabrics or colors to use, what tree method to use, etc.)  When the sections were finished, they sewed them together, and Voila!  A quilted pic of Evelyn’s daughter’s house!

Here it is.  Can you count 11 sections?  Or are there 10?  lol.  I want to do this, sometime!

I love bruschetta.  Here is an easy tasty homemade alternative:



1 or 2 ripe (organic) tomatoes
Pinch of salt (seasalt)
Really good olive oil (extra extra virgin)
Crusty bread like ciabatta
Raw garlic (optional)


1. Wash the tomato, cut off a bit of the end, and grate over a bowl using a cheese grater.
2. Add salt to taste.
3. Toast the bread (not required).
4. If you are going to use the garlic, rub a cut clove over the bread.
5. Spread tomato pulp onto bread.
6. You can use the olive oil (REQUIRED) in two different ways: Either drizzle it over the bread after you spoon the tomaquet on to it, or add the olive oil to the tomato mixture before spreading it onto the bread.

It goes in this order: crusty bread, optional raw garlic, tomato pulp with salt, olive oil.

Easy.  Tasty.  Yum!


2 thoughts on “Fractured House and Tomaquet

  1. I love the quilt! It is fabulous! We’re getting ready to do a similar type challenge in our Love of Art Quilt group on QWU. It is a ‘Pond’ challenge. Your quilt has greatly inspired me!

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