Long Beach International…and Me

Pic of opening day, today (Friday).  (Click on the pic to enlarge it and get the full effect!)

I am off on a bus trip to Long Beach International Quilt Show tomorrow (Saturday) morning, early.   I am excited!  Here is a link to some pics of the show, opening day.


Quilt show essentials in Southern California:   

Comfortable shoes (tennies?) with cushioned inserts?   Large carry bag with money, checkbook/credit cards instead of heavy purse; water bottle and healthy snack in bag.   Dress in layers – light top with light/summer sweater or blouse;  3/4 pants.   Note card with list, as reminder of what you are looking for, while you are there.  Camera.  Cell phone to call friends you rode with, so you can meet for lunch.   Any fabric samples you are trying to color-match.  Sense of humor!

Oh – and those address labels I always get sent for a donation to a cause – easy to stick on mailing lists, raffle tickets, etc. instead of spending time writing out my name, and address, etc.

I will share my pics, on my return!


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