I Survived..!

I survived the Long Beach quilt show.  It was a really nice show –  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I bought a new sewing machine my first 10 minutes into the show….  While we were standing in line, a man came by with small flyers advertising a machine that was hugely discounted – the Husqvarna Viking Sapphire – with a 10 inch throat.   That is what sold me before even seeing the machine.   I had expected to be looking at the big quilting machine systems, at the show – instead – with the longer throat, and my John Flynn quilting frame, which I am just starting to set up, I think it will be fine for me and for machine quilting my own quilts.    My friends did buy a tin lizzie system, however….lol.    But the way I figure it – I have saved myself thousands of dollars….!

There were some beautiful quilts in the show – according to the show rules, any photos I post have to indicate the quilter’s name – that leaves out many of the pics I took, but there are some I took that were also in the brochure, with names, so we are in luck!  I have a new camera, so as soon as I figure out how to get the pics from camera to computer, I will show them.   And I may just post the rest with my personal Facebook page pics – which would not be a public posting.   I will let you know when pics are ready.

Otherwise – I bought some great patterns – one booth that was very busy was the Bigfork Bay Cotton Company – http://www.bigforkbaycottonco.com/

Wonderful patterns!

I bought the woman with bicycle (am thinking of getting a bike) and the tulips patterns.   And I have a list of more of their patterns that I want, lol.

Healthwise, I was happiest that I brought my water, wore my comfortable shoes, and dressed in layers, because some places were cold, some were hot…and that I carried a Big bag!

Oh – P.S. – I bought a Yo Yo maker…. thanks to all of you who told me you Loved them, lol…!  There were a couple unusual yo yo quilts that I took pics of and will share, later.


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