Lost Heroes Art Quilt

I came across this, in reading the news, this morning.

The “Lost Heroes Art Quilt” by artist Julie Feingold was created to honor fallen American soldiers since 9/11 in Iraq and Afghanistan. Defense contractor BAE Systems purchased the quilt and brought it to its Fridley, MN facility before it ends its two-year tour around the country in Washington D.C. on Sept. 11.

Here is a link to the site.  http://www.heart2hand4art.com/lostheroesartquilt/quiltphoto.htm

The face on each figure is a picture of the soldier as a young boy.  You cannot help but be moved, in looking at these pictures.

Here is a video link to the current display in MN:


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Summer’s done.  Fall’s come.  No more excuses, lol !

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