Hidden Treasures in ‘Lake Country’, MN

While on vacation in Minnesota,  I was running late for the last performance of my niece’s school play.  As I raced through picturesque resort towns edging the famed Mille Lacs Lake, I slowed to round a bend, and spotted a sign “Quilt Shop”, to my right.   At that point there was no way I could stop – but after the performance,  I headed straight for that shop!

I could not believe that there was a quilt shop in the little town of Wahkon, Minnesota, in the heart of fishing resort country!   I walked in, not expecting too much, and I was delightfully surprised!  The shop looked like a real quilt shop!  It had fabric, it had patterns, it had what looked like a Statler stitcher machine quilting setup behind the cutting counter!  It even had a fabric discount area.  Wow!   I was in Heaven, I was so excited!   I shopped.  I took pictures.   I told them I was going to put them in my blog, so here it is!

The name of the quilt shop is Country Caboose Quilts.  It is owned by Kim Tyson.  In the pics, that is her behind the cash register.  Her son, who I prefer to call “cute guy”, Travis Tyson, is the fabric cutter.   Betty Jacobs is the helper.   They were wonderful.   I was amazed that a little town like Wahkon could support a quilt shop.  Kim told me that the seasonal resort business in the area helps, but business drops off the day before Thanksgiving, and she is closed the two weeks of Christmas and New Years.

On talking to “cute guy”, I noticed him using a rotary cutter that I had not seen before.  It looked great, and they said they cannot keep it in stock – that everyone who sees it, wants one (me included).  It is the Martelli Ergonomic Rotary Cutter, and you can order it from the shop, either by calling 320-495-3658, or visiting their new website at http://countrycaboosequilts.com/aboutus.aspx .   Click on Contact Us.  (Also be sure to click on Monthly Clubs for some cute ‘monthly mini’s patterns.)

You can see the rotary cutter to Tyson’s right, on the cutting table, below.   It is red.

Since they are in lake country, I am going to use a fishing term to describe their amazing shop – it is ‘packed to the gills’ with wonderful stuff!  lol.

You can click on each pic for a closer look.You can see why I had a wonderful time in this shop, and cannot wait to get back there next summer!

If you are still fighting seasonal allergies, try to cut back on mucus-producing foods for awhile – that means dairy – cheese, milk products – try alternative milks, such as   almond milk, as an alternative, until the season passes, but stay away from anything soy – soy is being grown from GMO (genetically modified organisms) seeds which are not health-promoting – fermented soy products are okay.


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