Pushing Boundaries or ‘Is it a Quilt?’

When I first started quilting, I was very concerned about ‘doing everything right’, so I would not make mistakes, and my quilts would be made according to the quilt rules.    That was about 24 years ago.   There have been so many changes in quilting, since that time – now we use rotary cutters, we bring our center applique into the border, and sometimes off the quilt – we embellish our quilts with trims, and beads, and colorful strings and fibers….

This is a quilt from the Long Beach quilt show that really pushes quilting boundaries for me – and I love it!

California Beauty
by Felisa C. Lyons
La Habra Heights, CA

And another view:

I love a quilt that makes me smile!

This is one I made for a guild challenge – I had never made a quilt like this, before.  It was fun!

The theme was ‘What I would like to be…’ so I put in piano keys and a painting….

If any of you have pushed your boundaries with a quilt you have made, I would love to see it and post it here, with your explanation of what you tried that was new for you and kind of scary for you to do.  You can email a pic of it to me at kryn44@hotmail.com.

For a quick meal, I keep a jar of pesto in my frig and put a tablespoon or two on top of hot cooked pasta (I am liking angel hair, these days).    It works in a flash – and the hot noodles heat the pesto.


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