When is a bra not a bra? When it is a quilt….

Good morning!

A few years ago, in my quilt class, our teacher showed us a ‘bra’ quilt she had made.  Each bra had a theme or kind of bra that it represented, such as ‘knockers’, nursing bra, hooters, etc.   It was very cute and clever.  Here is a pic of something similar to hers’ that I found, although I am not sure if the bras in this quilt have themes.

I thought these quilts were pretty ‘racy’ when I first saw them, but  ‘…you ain’t seen nothin’, yet!’  lol.

For its spring quilt show, my guild is having a bra challenge, where participants will take an actual bra and make it into a quilt, and then they will be shown and/or auctioned off at our show.   There have been other groups across the country that have also done this.  Here are some pics with links to some wonderful bra quilts.

This one continues our ‘yo yo’ theme, lol, and was made for the Artful Bra project by the Quilters of South Carolina for breast cancer awareness. http://www.quiltersofsc.org/Artful%20Bras/artfulbras.htm

And in Australia, members of the Southern Cross Crazies made these:


The next group are from West Jefferson, North Carolina, ‘Over the Top’ for breast cancer awareness: http://www.jeffersonpost.com/view/full_story/10347822/article-Embellished-bras-displayed-at-library

Here’s from ‘Bras for a Cause from the North Coast Needler’s quilt show in Westlake, Ohio.  It is titled “Eye Candy”.


I need to stop, here, but I think I could find more if I continued to look, lol.

Needless to say, these bra shows have great appeal, and really put the ‘fun’ in fundraiser!  I will be starting my own ‘art bra’, soon!

And here is a pumpkin from my garden:

There was another one growing in my garden, but when I was on vacation in MN, my daughter tended my garden and picked it, thinking it was a small, green watermelon.  She will Never live that one down!


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