Last Minute Thanksgiving Decorating

Good Morning! It is now the day before Thanksgiving and if you are running a bit behind, here is a quick solution to decorating your table for Thanksgiving. Items you will need: roll of toilet paper; glue of some kind (I used a hot glue gun); brown paper bag; piece of batting; raffia; some kind of twisted florist twine; artificial autumn leaves; 23″ square fabric of your choice. 

Wrap the toilet paper roll with batting, leaving about an inch sticking above the top and bottom, to soften the edges.

Center wrapped roll on wrong side of 23″ square of fabric and beginning with a pointed corner, begin tucking fabric into center hole of TP roll – continue to tuck, creating folds, as you move around the TP roll.

You may have to tuck deep, to get it all in…. thickness of fabric makes a difference, as well.

Cut a 4-5 inch strip from a paper bag and roll it to make a stem, tape to keep it closed; put glue on the bottom of the stem and stick this into the TP hole halfway down; then wrap the visible part of stem with raffia. Wrap the florist twine around a pencil to make it curly, and glue one end into the top of the TP hole next to the stem.    

Add artificial leaves by gluing them inside the top of the TP hole next to the stem.  Voila!  It is finished!

On the left is a pic of my nine-year-old granddaughter with the pumpkins she made.   The more ‘artistic’ pumpkin below was made by the niece of one of my mini group members.

Happy Thanksgiving, All!

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