Quickie Christmas Snap Bags

It’s my favorite season, the Season of Gifting!

Here is a little snap bag that is quick and easy to make, and as cute as you want to make it!

What you will need:

2 different fat quarters, 2 3″-squares folded diagonally twice to make prairie points,  2 pieces metal 1″ measuring tape cut to 8 inches with points rounded with scissors, duct tape, optional trims



Press fat quarters; cut one to size 18″ square; lay out and fold sides of each one in so that the edges meet in the middle (about 9 inches wide when done); place the larger piece on bottom with folded (raw) edges up; place smaller (18 “) piece on top of it with open (raw) edges underneath, facing the other open edges, so the open edges are on the inside.  Then fold the outer ends over the smaller ends two times. Press so you have a crisp edge all around.    Fold the 3” square into a triangle two times, so it makes a prairie point.  Slip the raw edge of the prairie point under the folded-over edge on each side, in the center so that it makes a tab, sticking out.  This is the point where you can add rickrack or ribbon to the edge, if you want to jazz it up a bit.   Sew across the top and bottom including over the prairie points, so that it makes a casing on each end.   Trim the metal ends of the measuring tape, rounding them, and cover ends with duct tape.  Insert (slide) the metal tapes into casing on each end with the rounded side of tape measure on same side as the prairie points.  Sew side seams, right sides of bag together so both sides are entirely closed.   (There should be at least a half inch of fabric on each end of the inserted tape so you do not have to sew over the tape.)  You can turn it to the front side, and leave it like that, with straight sides, (you could attach a purse strap and use it as a purse), or you can square off the bottom of the bag by spreading out each bottom corner and sewing across the triangle, and then turn it to the front side.   Voila!  A snap bag that can be a gift itself, or act as a gift bag!   Happy Holidays!

Here is another one almost done:

Final word of caution:  When you are cutting the 8 ” ruler lengths, be sure to push the stop/hold button on the ruler case, or your tape will all snap back inside when you are done cutting because it no longer has the silver end thingy to stop it, and now you will have to somehow break open that ruler casing to get at the rest (speaking from experience, lol!  Where’s that hammer?!)

Cute and Quick little gift!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays!




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