Another Last Minute Gift….

I just stumbled on to a blog from B. Bumble and Company that has another last minute gift that is within my capability range, as we are counting down the days to Christmas,  and I had to share it with you.   These are just too cute – I know I have UFO blocks lying around, so I can’t wait to try this….lol….

I have included the url for the original posting at the bottom.

Have a Warm and Wonderful Christmas!

Health tip for the Holidays:   Relax when you are eating and enjoy what you are eating, especially those holiday treats.  Savor the bites.   Enjoy the people who are sharing your meal.   And if you are feeling rushed or anxious,  close your eyes, feel your breath enter and leave your lungs – there – that’s better….


Tutorial:Leftover Block Envelope Bag

This very simple little envelope bag is going with me on a trip to California. I plan to give it to my granddaughter to use for little things she might want to carry – lunch money, cell phone, little notebook, etc.
I started out with a variation of the Road to California block. (A hint about where I’m going!) If you want this block in particular, you can find directions here:

1. Start with a finished block. Mine is a 10″ block, but any size will work. The bigger the block, the bigger the bag! Layer it with batting and backing. Quilt it and bind it.

Actually, this is the block I started with: (It was a little too plain for me so I used fabric dye and added some color and design! Remember, this is a block I would have thrown out anyway, so I had nothing to lose by experimenting! )

2. Bring three corners up to the middle. I chose to bring the yellow corners to the center for balance. Try different corners to find which is best on your block.
3.Sew the sides of these corners together. It is helpful to turn it inside out to do this. You will have only two seams.
4. Using the same binding (that you bound the block with) turn the raw edges to the center and press. The length will depend on how much strap you want. Mine is 24″, but you may want yours longer. Try it out first!
5. Fold the binding in half with the raw edges inside and press. Sew along each side. This forms your strap.
6. Fold under each end of the strap about 1/4″ and sew to the top at each side of the bag. I sewed it about 1″ below the top because I have the flap overlapping about 1″ at the closure. Sew hook and loop tape (or snap, magnetic closure, button, etc.) just below the “junction” of the three corners that you have sewn together. Sew the corresponding hook and loop (or other method) to the top flap. I chose to sew a button on the front of the flap for color.
                       That’s all there is to it.

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