Christmas Quilts

Good morning.  It is now Christmas Past, but I want to show you a few very pretty Christmas quilts in case you would like some inspiration to begin a holiday quilt for the next year!

This was a project that my mini group tackled - mine is still in pieces....

I am not sure if you can see all the crystal sparkles added to this quilt ....

Simple, but simply beautiful....done by a friend's daughter, I think with bias tape...?

This one you could keep up year all the colors...!

This is a simple panel, bordered and embellished....

This Sunbonnet Sue looks very 'Holiday festive' because of the colors used....

My favorite 'quickie' holiday treat - chocolate covered pretzels!

If you hold one side and just dip the other side into the melted candy discs, it is not so messy, and with the sprinkles, looks very festive; you can do this in different colors of melted ‘chocolate’ and sprinkles for any holiday – (Valentine’s Day, anyone?)….

Happy New Year, Everyone!




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