New Beginnings, Japanese textiles and Ginger

This year is going to be a year of ‘new beginnings’ for me – I can feel it!   Quilting-wise, I can feel my attention shifting from wanting to make large pieced bed quilts, to wanting to make smaller appliqued quilts and wall hangings – quilts of flowers – quilts of birds – quilts with embellishments and beads – maybe even a memory quilt.   I want to make beautiful quilts, this year!  I am finishing work on a raffle quilt to support a dog rescue organization that is close to my heart, and I will share pics when that quilt is finished – but in the meantime, inspiration is knocking at my door.

Here is a link to an article posted by Luana Rubin,  Equilter, .  She is planning a trip to Japan and posted this link of the Coming of Age Day where all young Japanese girls who have turned the age of 20 in the past year (April to April) take to the streets of Japan wearing kimonos.  The kimono fabrics are beautiful, as are the young girls.   The boys coming of age on this day wear black suits.

Simply Gorgeous!


Benefits of Ginger

In his book, Secrets of Longevity, Dr. Maoshing Ni tells us that ginger is known for its antinausea properties and for its help with digestive distress. The Chinese use it in cooking seafood, since it acts as a detoxifier to prevent seafood poisoning.  It is also a potent cancer fighter.  It possesses anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve pain, prevent blood clots,  and inhibit the onset of migraine headaches.  In addition, Chinese physicians have regularly consumed ginger tea to keep their vitality fired up.  For all things ginger, you can visit The Ginger People at  .

Happy New Year!




One thought on “New Beginnings, Japanese textiles and Ginger

  1. My son, who was born on Okinawa and is interested in all things Japanese, was telling me a couple of days ago that more and more women are going back to wearing kimono every day. So many families have them in the closet, and they are starting to use them. I saw a site where you can buy old ones, some are “cutter” quality, but some are so gorgeous – and very pricey for those – all antique ones. My favorite one would cost me $700, but it was so elegant – black with purple hanging wisteria and butterflies. Sigh – oh, to be wealthy! =)

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