Road to California

Good morning, all!

I cannot even Begin to tell you how absolutely Fabulous and Wonderful this quilt show was, this year!  The quilts were breathtaking – they came from all parts of the country, including Australia and Germany.  The showspace was friendly.  The vendors had wonderful goods.  And there was even a harpist playing beautiful music, near the entry door, which had a wonderful calming effect on overexcited, overstimulated attendees like me!

I have not been to Houston, or Paducah, so cannot compare those shows, but forget going to Long Beach – Road to California is The quilt show to attend!    When I first arrived, I had the pleasure of meeting Carolyn, the creater of the show.  She was sitting upstairs, outside of a closed door that I had been directed to, for a refund of my entry ticket – this was the first time I had ever taken a class at Road, and did not realize my registration and class fees included my admission ticket.   I was showing her the ‘goodies’ they had given me at the pre-registered desk, which included a beautiful red bag – when she responded that she had been able to get a good deal on them, so they were nicer than the bags from the year before, I realized who I was talking to.   A few years ago I had read an article about her and how she started the show.   It started small, in the lobby of a nearby hotel, was ‘blackballed’ by many quilters at that time,  and since then, has grown to be the huge success that it is.  Carolyn, as a quilter herself, knows what quilters want, which explains the careful attention to detail evident in the show.  She is amazing and her show was Amazing.

To post a quilt pic, here, I need to credit the quilter – so those pics will be somewhat limited, as I went through snapping pics so fast, I forgot to get names, but I will be posting about the show for the next several weeks, as I have so many things I want to write about.

Here is a link to the ‘winning’ quilts.  There is something for everyone, here:

Here are a couple of my favorites –

This is Rhapsody in Rose by Barbara Clem of Rockford, Il.

This is Port of Cassis by Lenore Crawford of Midland, MI.

This is Snow People by Sharon Chaffino’s Friendship Group of Upland, CA.

Feast on these!  Then, in a few days, I will post pics of an amazing artist who was showcased at Road, who uses quilted shapes in her creations.



One thought on “Road to California

  1. That’s interesting that the retreat was black balled by some quilters. Not being from SoCal, I never knew that. I went with a friend from Phx, and we *loved* it! Everyone got door prizes, you could sit down to lunch or breakfast next to a “VIP” quilter, and all the time was spent in class, because there was only one vendor, and that was Carolyn’s shop! She set up a room in the hotel where we could get the things we forgot. LOL I remember one day we took off for a long lunch and hit Calico Quilt Shop, which was closer then, behind the Nixon library. I hadn’t thought about any of this in a long time! Later, they had wonderful vendors and I looked forward to going every year, just for that, though the classes were still fabulous. One year, there was snow on the mountain tops!

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