Road’s Hoffman Challenge Exhibit

This is part of the traveling 2011 Hoffman Challenge exhibit at Road to California this year.

The Hoffman Challenge began in 1988 and is a traveling quilt, clothing and doll collection exhibit.   This past year, 12 different collections traveled coast-to-coast within the USA and to several Canadian locations.     With the year 2012, Hoffman is celebrating its 24th anniversary.    Each year a main fabric is chosen for the challenge out of one of Hoffman’s fabric collections, and the top entries from quilters throughout the world are grouped into the traveling collections.

This was the fabric for the 2011 collection.

This is the fabric for the 2012 Challenge.

Here are more pics of the 2011 collection I viewed at Road to California:

For more pics and details about how you can view the Collection or enter the Challenge, here is a link to the Hoffman Challenge site.

And here is a link to information about the 2012 challenge:

Hmmm…wouldn’t it be fun to enter this challenge?

One thought on “Road’s Hoffman Challenge Exhibit

  1. I’m not much of a challenge enterer, but I surely like looking at the results from people who are. The kimono at the top, and the swirly quilt at the bottom picture are espcially appealing to me.

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