Sue Spargo’s Class, Road to California

This is the pattern, Red Clover, by Sue Spargo, and it is the class I took at Road to California.   It was a wonderful class, and the first class I have ever taken at a quilt show.  Now I want to take more!

Sue spent her early years in Zambia, South Africa, moved to England, and then to the United States.  Her designs reflect the different environments and cultures she has experienced, from the energy and color of traditional African designs and the green rolling hills of Southern England, to the diversity of landscapes in America.   Her work is folk art, and she designs quilted items using textural fabrics and embellishments, all of which are available on her website,


This is the block I worked on in Sue’s class.  I am still embellishing it.

Here is a close-up view.

And here is the class in action. Sue is a lovely lady, Wonderful teacher, and very supportive and patient with her students.

The quilt Sue (left) is holding is the next quilt of hers’ I want to make.  I love Christmas, and this is a beautiful wool Christmas quilt.  I already have the pattern!

These are pics of samples Sue uses to demonstrate the different kinds of embellishing we can do on our work.

Bird’s eye view:

Here is a more ‘traditional’ quilt of Sue’s:

Lovely class, Lovely lady, Lovely Hug at the End!



2 thoughts on “Sue Spargo’s Class, Road to California

  1. Oh, Sue posted a pic of yours, too! I recognize the treatment on the rickrack. =) It’s a great quilt design. I used to go to Road every year when I lived in Phoenix, in the show’s early years – before there was a show at all! It was just classes and we all fit around dinner tables in the hotel lobby. =) I haven’t been in a long time, but I have gone a couple of years when it had the show, and taken more classes. It’s a good retreat!

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