Cherrywood Fabrics from Minnesota Travels the Road to California

Cherrywood Fabrics

If you have never experienced Cherrywood Fabrics, you are in for a Treat!  The company is located in Brainerd, Minnesota and makes hand-dyed fabrics that have the look of suede, with a beautiful tone-on-tone texture that is created from their special dying process.

I first met Linda, from Cherrywood, at Road to California about five years ago, and during our conversation as fellow Minnesotans, we realized that she and her husband used to eat at my brother’s restaurant on Mille Lacs Lake.   What a small world it is!  I renewed my friendship with Linda this year at Road, and we have agreed that we have to ‘do lunch’ the next time I am in the state.

But back to fabric.  The colors of Cherrywood are gorgeous.  I have fallen in love with a yellow in their booth that I just have to have!  It is part of a kit they sell, so that kit is now on my ‘to buy list’!  Here is a pic that shows the yellow and blue quilt with that fabric, center back.

 In the foreground you can see some of their fabric packs, and how their fabric looks when used in clothing.
Below is another pic of some of their patterns made with their fabric.  I love the tree pattern, and since it was sold out at Road, plan to order it, soon.
Running Cherrywood are Karla Overland, Linda Arganbright, and Dorothy Cronin.  Here is a pic of Linda at Road in the Cherrywood booth.
Here is another pic of their patterns and fabric (I couldn’t resist buying the green kit!)
This is a link to the Cherrywood website, where you can treat yourself to more views of this absolutely wonderful fabric:

2 thoughts on “Cherrywood Fabrics from Minnesota Travels the Road to California

  1. As another Minnesotan, I can agree that their fabrics are incredible, not only in texture but in the range of colors offered.
    PB (living in southern Mille Lacs county)

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