Applique Marguerette’s Way

In all the hoopla of my trip to Road to California, I forgot that the weekend before I went to Road, I took a workshop from Marguerette Tate of Redlands, California.    Marguerette describes her quilts as being “…just a little outside the box”, and as a former schoolteacher of 35 years, she describes her mission as being to ‘inspire quilters to become more confident designers and quilt makers’.   In her presentation to my local guild, she showed us some wonderfully embellished quilts.  She teaches several different workshops.  The one she taught us was on animal quilts, but we have asked her to come back to teach a workshop on her flower quilts, in April.

Marguerette’s technique involves creating the background for the quilt separately from the animal that goes on top of the background.  This adds to the dimensionality of the quilt.

Marguerette had patterns and kits available for us, as well as beads and embellishments, and I chose to make the large owl, below, which is still ‘in process’.







Here is the muslin beginning of her rooster pattern:







Here are several more of her animal quilts:


















And here is a pic of one of her flower quilts that she will be teaching us in April.

I cannot wait for her next class!   Now to finish my owl….!

You can reach Marguerette at:  (909) 794-9357, or .


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