Baby Quilt continued

This is Darlene Ridgeway with her quilt, showing the front and back of it.  You can really see the quilting on the fur backing.

Thanks again, Darlene!

Front and Back


7 thoughts on “Baby Quilt continued

  1. Wow! I really do like this and have been wondering if it was possible to put “fleece” on the backing of a top? I have made a top and just happened to see a fleece fabric that is covered with frogs and I want to use it as backing. I am not sure whether or not the fleece would be too stretchy and/or what I should do to the process.

    • I know Darlene mentioned one side was stretchy, the other side was not – so she adjusted her fabric accordingly – she quilted on her big stand-alone frame – I will not see her until this next Wednesday, and I will ask her for more details then and post them, for you.

  2. Okay – apparently she attached her quilt to the frame with the selvage edges, which from one edge to the other, have less stretch than from side to side. My quilt teacher, Sue Handley, who has a machine quilting business, said that she would recommend using an iron-on stabilizer on the back of the fur to provide further stability.

  3. Have used minkie on several baby quilts. Yes, load them so that the non-stretchy edge (selvage) is attached to your take-up leaders. Pin them very close together. Make sure not to over tighten when rolling. I also use cheater pins down the outside edges. As close to the outside edge as possible I put a straight pin through all three layers horizontally every 3 to 4″ and leave them in until that area is quilted. Adds a little extra stability in addition to your tension clamps. Little ones that have received these quilts LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. Have also free motion quilted them on my regular machine without a hitch. Baste with quilter’s safety pins and go for it. Absolutely never a problem and they just float through the machine. Flower patterns look absolutely charming on the backs as do bugs and little critters for boys.
    Oops, just noticed the date of the posts. Only a year ago. Hope your fuzzy backed quilts have turned out as well as mine. They are so much fun to make and so much fun to see the little one’s reaction and attachment to them.

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