Cherrywood Fabrics from Minnesota Travels the Road to California

Cherrywood Fabrics

If you have never experienced Cherrywood Fabrics, you are in for a Treat!  The company is located in Brainerd, Minnesota and makes hand-dyed fabrics that have the look of suede, with a beautiful tone-on-tone texture that is created from their special dying process.

I first met Linda, from Cherrywood, at Road to California about five years ago, and during our conversation as fellow Minnesotans, we realized that she and her husband used to eat at my brother’s restaurant on Mille Lacs Lake.   What a small world it is!  I renewed my friendship with Linda this year at Road, and we have agreed that we have to ‘do lunch’ the next time I am in the state.

But back to fabric.  The colors of Cherrywood are gorgeous.  I have fallen in love with a yellow in their booth that I just have to have!  It is part of a kit they sell, so that kit is now on my ‘to buy list’!  Here is a pic that shows the yellow and blue quilt with that fabric, center back.

 In the foreground you can see some of their fabric packs, and how their fabric looks when used in clothing.
Below is another pic of some of their patterns made with their fabric.  I love the tree pattern, and since it was sold out at Road, plan to order it, soon.
Running Cherrywood are Karla Overland, Linda Arganbright, and Dorothy Cronin.  Here is a pic of Linda at Road in the Cherrywood booth.
Here is another pic of their patterns and fabric (I couldn’t resist buying the green kit!)
This is a link to the Cherrywood website, where you can treat yourself to more views of this absolutely wonderful fabric:

Sue Spargo’s Class, Road to California


This is the pattern, Red Clover, by Sue Spargo, and it is the class I took at Road to California.   It was a wonderful class, and the first class I have ever taken at a quilt show.  Now I want to take more!

Sue spent her early years in Zambia, South Africa, moved to England, and then to the United States.  Her designs reflect the different environments and cultures she has experienced, from the energy and color of traditional African designs and the green rolling hills of Southern England, to the diversity of landscapes in America.   Her work is folk art, and she designs quilted items using textural fabrics and embellishments, all of which are available on her website,


This is the block I worked on in Sue’s class.  I am still embellishing it.

Here is a close-up view.

And here is the class in action. Sue is a lovely lady, Wonderful teacher, and very supportive and patient with her students.

The quilt Sue (left) is holding is the next quilt of hers’ I want to make.  I love Christmas, and this is a beautiful wool Christmas quilt.  I already have the pattern!

These are pics of samples Sue uses to demonstrate the different kinds of embellishing we can do on our work.

Bird’s eye view:

Here is a more ‘traditional’ quilt of Sue’s:

Lovely class, Lovely lady, Lovely Hug at the End!



Road’s Hoffman Challenge Exhibit

This is part of the traveling 2011 Hoffman Challenge exhibit at Road to California this year.

The Hoffman Challenge began in 1988 and is a traveling quilt, clothing and doll collection exhibit.   This past year, 12 different collections traveled coast-to-coast within the USA and to several Canadian locations.     With the year 2012, Hoffman is celebrating its 24th anniversary.    Each year a main fabric is chosen for the challenge out of one of Hoffman’s fabric collections, and the top entries from quilters throughout the world are grouped into the traveling collections.

This was the fabric for the 2011 collection.

This is the fabric for the 2012 Challenge.

Here are more pics of the 2011 collection I viewed at Road to California:

For more pics and details about how you can view the Collection or enter the Challenge, here is a link to the Hoffman Challenge site.

And here is a link to information about the 2012 challenge:

Hmmm…wouldn’t it be fun to enter this challenge?

Road’s Featured Artist, Susan Else

There was an amazing exhibit at Road to California of the work of featured artist, Susan Else.   Here she is with a sample of her wonderfully imaginative work.

Susan Else

She makes quilted sculptures.  Here are pics from her exhibit.  They should enlarge if you click on them.

Whether or not this type of ‘quilting’ is something you would ever do, I love it that we are feeling the freedom to move beyond what is considered ‘traditional’ quilting, to each follow her own Muse.   Thank you, Susan Else, for sharing your work with us!

Road to California

Good morning, all!

I cannot even Begin to tell you how absolutely Fabulous and Wonderful this quilt show was, this year!  The quilts were breathtaking – they came from all parts of the country, including Australia and Germany.  The showspace was friendly.  The vendors had wonderful goods.  And there was even a harpist playing beautiful music, near the entry door, which had a wonderful calming effect on overexcited, overstimulated attendees like me!

I have not been to Houston, or Paducah, so cannot compare those shows, but forget going to Long Beach – Road to California is The quilt show to attend!    When I first arrived, I had the pleasure of meeting Carolyn, the creater of the show.  She was sitting upstairs, outside of a closed door that I had been directed to, for a refund of my entry ticket – this was the first time I had ever taken a class at Road, and did not realize my registration and class fees included my admission ticket.   I was showing her the ‘goodies’ they had given me at the pre-registered desk, which included a beautiful red bag – when she responded that she had been able to get a good deal on them, so they were nicer than the bags from the year before, I realized who I was talking to.   A few years ago I had read an article about her and how she started the show.   It started small, in the lobby of a nearby hotel, was ‘blackballed’ by many quilters at that time,  and since then, has grown to be the huge success that it is.  Carolyn, as a quilter herself, knows what quilters want, which explains the careful attention to detail evident in the show.  She is amazing and her show was Amazing.

To post a quilt pic, here, I need to credit the quilter – so those pics will be somewhat limited, as I went through snapping pics so fast, I forgot to get names, but I will be posting about the show for the next several weeks, as I have so many things I want to write about.

Here is a link to the ‘winning’ quilts.  There is something for everyone, here:

Here are a couple of my favorites –

This is Rhapsody in Rose by Barbara Clem of Rockford, Il.

This is Port of Cassis by Lenore Crawford of Midland, MI.

This is Snow People by Sharon Chaffino’s Friendship Group of Upland, CA.

Feast on these!  Then, in a few days, I will post pics of an amazing artist who was showcased at Road, who uses quilted shapes in her creations.


On the Road again….

I’m off to Road to California!  Am sooo excited!  Will post pics when I return.  I’m taking a two day class with Sue Spargo, which I am Really excited about.  I have never taken a class at a quilt show before, so this should be fun, and interesting….   I have been looking for my ThreadHeaven which is required for the class, and I didn’t have a chance to get the 5/8 inch yellow rickrack that is on the supply list.  I  am hoping to find these at one of the vendor booths.   I usually try to come up with a ‘game plan’ of what I am looking for, when I attend a show.   I try to buy things that I cannot easily get otherwise – something that I will never see again…or something that is too good a deal to pass up.

Here is a link to the show.

And here is a pic from the Hoffman Challenge, which is one of the exhibits.


Have to pack supplies for my class.  Now – where did I put that ruler…?

New Beginnings, Japanese textiles and Ginger

This year is going to be a year of ‘new beginnings’ for me – I can feel it!   Quilting-wise, I can feel my attention shifting from wanting to make large pieced bed quilts, to wanting to make smaller appliqued quilts and wall hangings – quilts of flowers – quilts of birds – quilts with embellishments and beads – maybe even a memory quilt.   I want to make beautiful quilts, this year!  I am finishing work on a raffle quilt to support a dog rescue organization that is close to my heart, and I will share pics when that quilt is finished – but in the meantime, inspiration is knocking at my door.

Here is a link to an article posted by Luana Rubin,  Equilter, .  She is planning a trip to Japan and posted this link of the Coming of Age Day where all young Japanese girls who have turned the age of 20 in the past year (April to April) take to the streets of Japan wearing kimonos.  The kimono fabrics are beautiful, as are the young girls.   The boys coming of age on this day wear black suits.

Simply Gorgeous!


Benefits of Ginger

In his book, Secrets of Longevity, Dr. Maoshing Ni tells us that ginger is known for its antinausea properties and for its help with digestive distress. The Chinese use it in cooking seafood, since it acts as a detoxifier to prevent seafood poisoning.  It is also a potent cancer fighter.  It possesses anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve pain, prevent blood clots,  and inhibit the onset of migraine headaches.  In addition, Chinese physicians have regularly consumed ginger tea to keep their vitality fired up.  For all things ginger, you can visit The Ginger People at  .

Happy New Year!